Erie TT

Ag3r Riders Steve Marlette and Ray Sielski headed NORTH for the season finale of the Iroquois Sports Boosters Presque isle Individual Time Trial.

Ray writes:
Age is everything, just ask Steve Marlette.

Entering the State Park a flashing yellow board posts no advisories; Makes me wonder if there are no advisories why post?
Well, there SHOULD have been a posting, because the wind was WAY UP, with small craft warnings on the lake....and in the parking lot! 

This made for a strong headwind going out and sweet anticipation of putting up a spinnaker on the way back and breeze into the finish line. Not so fast, that wind was astern and blowing sand making for a teeth clenching and gritty finish.

Through all this, Steve puts up an impressive outing. Facing a strong headwind and stronger sandstorm assault from the side Steve manages to show the rest of the field how it is done by finishing in 2nd Place Overall...

...second overall to a rider 23 years his junior.... which should inspire all of the 50 plus class, to which Steve will join all too soon! Dammit Jim, bodes ominous for me.

Ray Sielski finishes in 7th Place of the 50-59 division, and 47th Overall.

Meanwhile, Steve writes:
High wind gusts that attempted to yank the bike from beneath you, was the main feature of the September 8th time trial on the Presque Isle Peninsula. Ray Sielski, Dave Hickey and I were there to test our TT skills as well as our nerves along with the 98 other participants. As it turned out, we were all in for a pretty good beating by Mother Nature.

Dust Devils swept across the beaches at the far end and attacked riders as the came through and I heard many reporting nearly getting blown off course.

Despite many scary moments, we all made it to the finish line. 

At the end of the day I manage to slot into the second overall!! My first time in the top 3! Maybe I should whish for horrific conditions for every time trial.


Kirk Morrison said...

Nice work Steve !
The conditions sound like a great segue into Cx season ....

Congratulations on an impressive performance and a great end to your string of TT successes.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Job Steve!!!!