SSCXWC = Single Speed CycloCross World Championships!

Kirk Morrison is always up for a PARTY where a bike race might break out....so he attended & raced the Philidelphia (SS) Bilinky Junkyard Cross, and the Single Speed CX Championsips.

It looked like quite a BLAST in the middle of a snow storm :))

Bilenky Junkyard Cross
Philadelphia, PA
Race Category: SS Cx Men’s Open
Finish Place: Uncertain. The races were held in 10-12 person heats with only the top 3 racers proceeding to the next higher heat levels. This took quite a while as there were almost 150 SS racers.  I was eliminated in this process.
Race Review: Sunny, with temperatures in the low 30’s and a brisk wind. Course was a blast with lots of junkyard obstacles including cars to cross, bulldozers to run through and vans to traverse. Lots of fun.  

Philadelphia, PA
Race Category: Everyone’s a Winner
Finish Place: Winner!
Race Review: Snow with temperatures in the high 20’s and a brisk wind. Course was a great fun with lots of Philadelphia themed obstacles (think Rocky ….). I was one of the few riders “not in costume” since I experienced a wardrobe malfunction at yesterday’s Bilenky Junkyard Cx. The high point of the race was riding Parachute Hill on my final lap (with a little help from pushers on the hill). Excellent crowds with abundant enthusiasm. Hopefully I’ll be recovered in time for next year’s
SSCxWC in Louisville.

Only one race left before my winter break...!

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