White Park Throwdown

Story by Hannah Brewer

The White Park Throwdown continues to be my favorite race of all time. Probably because it is literally the only mountain bike race in PA or WV that doesn't feel like 80% climbing. And the course is just so flippin' fun I forget that I am racing.
This year the course was 99.9% dry, making it even faster and more fun than I thought possible. I had no business riding some of the sections as fast as I was going, but getting air on a MTB is addicting.

This course is also so twisty that you can see the riders who are in front of you and behind you on every turn, making the "racing" part even more exciting.

I spent most of my time trying to keep a lead on 3rd place finisher, Suz Falvey, who was pushing me from behind for the first two laps. I managed to keep my lead, and rode the final 2.5 laps without much company.

I landed a solid 2nd place finish in the Expert Women's Open Field. Those WV ladies are hard to compete with for podium spots!

Photo cred to the one and only Fred Jordan. (Awesome action shots, as always)


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