Pittsburgh Marathon

Two Ag3r-FoxVelo riders are also RUNNERS.
Yup...they use their FEET to get from the Start to the Finish.
I know it's weird, but as it turns out, they are both quite good at it....!
Runner # 1 (in our hearts!)
Hannah Brewer
1/2 Marathon
a.k.a. - The H'animal ....
a.k.a. - The Great Ginger Smile!

Hannah finished the 1/2 Marathon 1,604th Overall...Men & Women combined.

Out of 8,566 Women in the 1/2, she finished:
79th in Division
525th Female

Runner #2
Roger Lutz
The Full (Monty) Marathon

a.k.a. Speed stiCk

Roger finished the Full Marathon 304th Overall...Men & Women combined.

Out of 2,913 Men in the Full, he finished:
27th in Division
262nd Male



.....or as I call them, "Lack of Thoughts"!!!

All Feet, No Brains! (speaking for myself). I think I spent more time running that day than I had in sleep the night before.

Lessons learned (how to qualify for Boston):

1. Don't UNDERestimate your time and thus be assigned to start in "corral B" (see pic). 4 Miles in traffic. Typical downtown Pittsburgh -- even on a Sunday!

2. Don't ignore that troublesome tightening leg muscle in the last few weeks of training. Stopping to stretch multiple times seemed counterintuitive to speed, but I wasn't going to make it if I didn't. Surely the issue cost me 2 minutes or more...

3. Pick your line well. My Garmin watch, tapped "start" to "finish", indicated 26.4. I'm convinced that was wide turns (a crap line) and weaving for position. For comparison, on the Moraine bike trail, I'm within 5 or 10 feet of the mile markers when it beeps. Accurate all 7 out and 7 back. So genuinely went .2 miles too far. That's a minute and a half right there.

3:25 finish, and 3:15 is Boston qualify.

I'm trying to convince myself NOT to try again, but as time passes, the bad parts fade from memory, and all I can remember is the sunrise at the start line......

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