We put TWO Teams into the PMVC 5 mile Team Time Trial, pairing experienced TTT riders with new TTT riders, therefore choosing to all ride ROAD bikes for safety.

Ag3r-REDshift comprised of:
     Mark Briercheck
     Steve Marlette
     Nathan Black

Ag3r-BLUEshift comprised of:
     Ray Sielski
     Ben Adduru
     Hannah Brewer
     Henry Dimmick

After receiving our starting instruction from Stephanie and Oscar Swan...
...we took our last drinks....
...and pulled on our super-duper aerodynamic cheating devices...

...before getting cue for our starts.

Once rolling, both Team put in steady performances....

5th Place for Ag3r-REDshift

6th Place for Ag3r-BLUEshift
...sometimes feeling FAST...

....and sometimes feeling SLOW :)

Afterwards, we lined up....

...to watch Steve Brewer ride ONE whole lap, in what we think was entirely too much CRASH PROTECTION...?!?!?

With the event now over, we hung in the parking lot, as usual, staring at Steve's MOTO...

...while Mark tried out his new idea for Team KNICKERS(?)!!!

 Pictures by Steve Brewer and Sonic Imaging.

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