Tour de Millersburg

I departed VA at 4:00a.m. Saturday morning. I only got 4 hours of sleep which is not the ideal way to prepare for a stage race. I got there at 8:10 and had an hour to prepare for the Saturday morning ITT after stopping by registration. I warmed up for 20 minutes on the trainer before heading to the start line. It was a flat 12 mile out and back with only one slight rise in the course. The weekend started off well with a 4th place finish in the ITT. Then it was off to get something to eat and try my best to recover slightly before the afternoon crit. I actually ended up falling asleep in my car while waiting around. The crit was 13 laps/20 miles. I hung in for the first 12 miles and then on the only slight rise in the course I came unhitched and there was no catching back on. The only reason I finished the race was because I had to in order to take the start at the road race on Sunday. Saturday night I got a good night of rest and was up early Sunday morning hoping I had recovered enough to make a showing at the road race. So I was feeling good and on my way to the start line when disaster struck and my chain cracked in half. That was it, end of my race before it ever started. Now for the 4 hour drive back to good old Waynesboro, VA. The weekend started out well with a 4th place in the TT and only got worse from there. I guess you live and learn and along the way I met Bob Roll.

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