XTERRA Appalachia

The results are in and what an outstanding event it was. We had 88 participants from 12 different states and from as far away as California. The weather was perfect and the participants were pumped. It was also great to se so many 1st timers out there. There were at least two guys that purchased mountain bikes one more than 1 month prior to the event and at least 4 that have never participated in any type of multisprt event or race for that matter. Props go out to.. Eric Scott (1st place male overall) Great guy and outstanding athelete...His dad also cuts so awsome single track Barbara Howe (1st place female overall) Mike Kline (1st Multisport or race event ever) Great mountainbiker and all round nice guy Michael Simone (1st Multisport or race event ever plus new to cycling) Duane Corbete (1st Multisport or race event ever plus new to cycling) Mark Henk, Don Gibbon, Keith Hilliard and Leonard Maliver (Local guys supporting the event) Cant say enough good things about these four. And the Golden bandage award goes to... Kelly Yoder...Broken colar bone number 5, Thats got to be some kind of record....(Kelly is well known in the cycling comunity Thanks again to all of those that participated.

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