I guess it's November but in VA it really doesn't feel like it. It may snow sometime this winter but at this point it sure doesn't feel like it. So anyway, it's been a while since I posted and I just wanted to give a little update. My shoulder is healing and feeling better everyday. Everything is worked out with the insurance company and I should be picking up my new Giant Trinity Alliance on Saturday. This winter my training will consist of steady state trainer rides on my days of work and long outdoor rides on my days off, at least until the weather turns bad. In January I'll be heading to FL to visit my parents and have a make-shift 2 week training camp. That's right, 2 weeks of nothing but long rides and recovery, with some weight training and swimming thrown in just for fun. Racing season will start early in 2008 since I'm planning on doing the Sebring 24 hour race in February, also in FL. It's a RAAM qualifier but I have absolutely no desires to ever attempt that one. I'll post pics of my new bike as soon as I pick it up;-)

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