Who says getting hit by a car doesn't pay?

Well here it is, my new TT bike. Still getting things adjusted to fit so there will still be many changes coming. Yesterday I was planning on a 60 mile ride to help the fitting process and 10 mile into it my chain snapped. I really wasn't looking forward to the walk home and luckily I didn't have to. I got some great help from Keven Sweeney, a local cyclist. First he offered to go home and get me a chain tool, which was great of him. Unfortunately he had one of those folding chain tools that never seem to work quite right so I couldn't get the chain fixed. Then he offered to drive me home. I got the chain fixed easily once I was at home and had access to my work stand and tools.
Now to a larger issue. It may be difficult to believe but I've had more broken chains this year than flat tires so it's time to add a new tool to my saddle bag.

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