2 weeks in Ft. Myers, FL

I just got back Tuesday from being in Florida for 2 weeks. It wasn't really a training camp but it may as well have been. I really had no plans so basically all I did was ride and rest. On Sunday I got to ride the Tour de Cape (tour of Cape Coral). It wasn't a race, it was a 100 mile bicycle tour of the city. Someone should have told everyone else that it wasn't a race. I started in a really fast group and we covered the first 44 miles in 1hr 40min. We had a really nice pace line going until some guys on recumbents got in. The fact that they were was really no problem except that I got stuck behind them in the pace line for about two trips through so I basically had no break from the wind, and POP there I go off the back. Then I was on my own and that was a bad thing because the course wasn't marked correctly. So, I got lost and ended up making a big circle and would have done it again but I ran into another group being led by a police man in a Dodge Charger. I rode with them for a while but they were moving a little too slow for my tastes so I powered on ahead. The Charger stayed with me and the rest of the group was left with another cop on a motorcycle. Then at some point I was joined by another police SUV. So for the last 30 miles I had my very own 2 police car escort. I was really cool, they were stopping traffic at all of the intersections and I got to blow right through. I ended up riding 112 miles in a little over 5 hours. Riding in Florida is alot different. You get to ride faster because of no hills but I sure did miss resting on the downhills. Anyway, It was a great time and I'm ready for my next trip to Florida in February.

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