Honkytonk Bonky Bonk

Had some great rides this week. Rode Wednesday with Henk the Hammer, Rich Z, Wallwork and Monkeyboy. Did a modified version of Tanoma adding Airport road and Bar Slope. lots of Reindeer games and sign sprints. Its obvious to me that Monkeyboy has been to the School of Wallwork when it comes to riding, Lay low until you can smell Indiana then turn on the gas. Unfortunately for him the master held back a little more and dropped him like a used up banana peal on the last climb in. Fortunately for me I was there to witness the 54 year old Wallwork blow by the college boy, and i was able to rib him about it. Now i must say that Duane did make feeble effort to catch his mentor but quickly lost ground as i too went by. 37 mile of fun and games Thursdays ride was a hammer fest as well. Nicol, Shawn and Myself headed out o Marion Center at a blistering pace, which is not necessarily what i had in mind. especially after thinking back on the day food regimen, Bowl of Raisin Bran, for breakfast, sliver of broccoli quiche for lunch and a maple nut clif for a pre ride snack. BTW if you have not tried this flavor of Clif bars you are missing out. anyway about halfway through we decided to back off a little and take it ease over the next couple of miles and them hit it hard again after the last big climb. So after passing the Lacerations farm full throttle was back on til we got onto chambersville road this is about the time my daily intake dissipated, Bonktime. Now its been a long time since i have had this happen and i hope it will be a while before it happens again. So i limped home on half a granola bar and finally reached the top of Fulton run when some genius on a motorcycle decides that this would be a good time to pass me, why i dont know because we were starting downhill into a pretty sharp turn, and as you might of guessed i had to grab a handful of brake to keep plowing into this guy, only briefly though until it was clear to speed buy him. i was kind of embarrassed for him since i can only imagine his girlfriend telling his buddies about the guy in spandex that sped past him.


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

those kits are pretty sharp looking.

Does Nicol have one? I bet he looks like one of Santa's hairy little elves in it...


P.S. - Is the Indiana 5-Pts classic happening this year?

Henry Dimmick said...

It has been better part of a month since I last ASKED Rich Seevers if the race(s) were happening...and at that point, he was unsure of the (organizers) progress. I have heard nothing since then...and the shop is closed today. (Rich - Are you reading these comments?) - From Henry Dimmick

Henry Dimmick said...

Ride Review Comment - (1)Yikes ...you sure make it sound like fun to ride with you guys:) ...and, (2)Isn't it amazing how fast a bike can descend...passing a moto...especially when the bike/rider combo are downhill (gravity) advantaged!!!