Mohican 100k Mountain Bike Race

For S.A.M. Morrison's race report, see Blog Peeps: "SamLikesBikes".

Dirty Mike Maher Race went as follows:
It was déjà vue all over again for me. 6 hours of monsoon the night before the race left much of the course a muddy mess. Much like my first attempt several years back. It was a hard day for me. The good news…Sam kicked some serious ASS! Not sure how many entries overall but upwards of 150 is my guess. Sam took 13th overall. Phenomenal result for his first attempt at an endurance MTB event. Yours truly 37th with a wrong turn 2 miles from the end that gave me 6 bonus miles…yeah! So if a picture is worth a thousand words than this photo tells it all. Here’s me just seconds after finishing. Notice Sam is already showered, changed, fed, and manicured!
Also for you roadies, both Sam and I beat Floyd Landis…he abandoned before the first checkpoint!


Anonymous said...

I believe Floyd abandoned due to a crushed helmet ,a borrowed bike as his was destroyed on the way to the race, and brusied ribs.

Henry Dimmick said...

Well, it doesn't sound like Floyd had any fun at all that day. It is cool to see he is still out there, returning to his dirt racing roots! I hope he is OK(?)

steevo said...

quote from a friend
"did you see that 17 year old kid a few spots behind gunnar? he might be pro someday."

Anonymous said...

The dirty one teaching the clean one new tricks.From hunter

Hunter Dimmick said...

Something gives me a feeling anonymous is actually floyd..