PMVC Friday Night @ the Track - 25mi. TT

A very hot night for a race...especially one in a teardrop helmet with limited ventilation :) This week's Individual Time Trial was the dreaded 25 mile! Make the distance in under an hour, and you find yourself in an elite Club. I fell short! ...by 19 seconds... but still ended up in 4th Place. Dave Hickey took 5th Place... with both of us doing so with personal records at this distance...at this location. Rich Allen, working to dial in his time trial bike, did a 10 mile TT for comparison to his previous benchmarks at this distance... at this location. As always, a good way to end the week... but unlike always, I got such bad and long lasting cramps in (both) my hamstrings that I could hardly do steps, let alone ride a bike for the rest of the weekend!!! Better luck next time!

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