Sunday - Fort Cherry Road Race

Dave Shaffer , Mike Maher, and Sam Morrison raced the road this weekend. The following was written by Mike of the Cat 4/5 race:

The Dirt Duo – Scores a Podium

The Ft Cherry Road race was a welcome event to get me out of the woods for a bit. Man was I happy to have a team mate show for the Cat 4-5 race. Sam and I had discussed a plan before the race thinking the race would stay together on the relatively flat 8 mile circuit. The finish was at the end of a pretty good power climb to the line. OK Sam, I’m going to attack with about 1000 meters to go, right before the base of the climb. Don’t chase me! Chase the 3rd or forth wheel after me and we’ll use those suckers as perfect lead out on the climb, you should launch for a strong finish.

Ahhh the best laid plans….The first attack came at the first corner. I chased it down. The second attack came on the first climb, I was in the break, but it was caught. The third on the next riser. I pulled the peloton back. By now it pretty obvious that Iron City Bikes is feeling perky with 5 strong riders. One or two would attack, with anyone who would go with them, and the rest would soft peddle on the front and block or disrupt the chase. RATS! There they go again. And again I’m reeling the break in. DAMN! Doesn’t anyone else want to chase. I know that every team can’t be represented in all these breaks. SHEW! It’s back together. A couple more brutal attacks and I’m feeling it. We‘ve only completed 2 of the 5 laps and I’m pretty sure that I will crack after another one or two.

Here’s comes Sam to the rescue. Sam get’s a little roadie 101 as we talk about what Iron City is trying to do attacking and blocking. Right on cue they attack again and Sam is in the break. I’m gasping at the front trying to now control the chase. Someone tries to bridge up and it’s all back together. Sam and I are in the pack yacking and another attack occurs about ½ way thru the 3rd lap. Two riders from ICB and about 10 others. Come on Sam we need in that break!

Sam jumps on my wheel and we bridge the gap. No one from the pack can latch on and the break has a 100 meter gap. As I work my way to the front of the break I was telling riders that someone in this group will win. Take some short pulls and keep 'er rolling. I take strong pull at the front (for me) and roll to the back. I’m pretty spent and drift back to the chase. At this point almost all the strong horses are in the break and with me and 3 riders from ICB the chase is doomed. Ag3r is well represented in the winning break.

I’m not sure what all went on in the break, but apparently a couple guys were pretty unhappy that Sam had made the move, and were giving him some $hit. Not sure why, except maybe they had a premonition of how he was going to school them in the finish! Third place and a podium for young Sam. Great race!

With a couple team mates, I’m pretty sure we could have dictated the race. Especially with some roadies to help!!!

(See "S.A.M. likes Bikes" for more from Sam.)


Dave Shaffer also rode in the Cat 1/2/3 race ...info to come on that later (?!!!)


(THANKS to Kirk Morrison for the photo in this post.)

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