24 Hours at 7 Springs Challenge

The Subaru 24 Hour Champion Challenge at 7 Springs Ski Resort...

...received two entries from Ag3r : Sam Morrison, who entered the SOLO division...riding the entire time himself... ...and Mike Maher, Mark Milliken, Rich Seevers, and Henry Dimmick, who entered the 4-man Masters division and let their combined legs do the talking!
The race started at Noon on Saturday with a Le Mans style running start (see Blog Header). Mark Milliken (hired gun!) was Ag3r's starting "runner"...

...as well as the "lucky" rider to complete the ceremonial final-lap, crossing the finish line at 12:00:25 on Sunday.
After 24 straight hours of hills, rocks and crashes, the final results shook out as follows:
Sam finished in 3rd Place of the Solo Division with 14 laps, or ~170 torturous, rocky, mountainous miles, all the while keeping an alarmingly great attitude.

Mike, Mark, Rich & Henry finished in 3rd Place of the Masters Division with 17 laps, or ~210 miles covered in the 24 hour span.
Sam could not have made it without the tireless and sleepless help of his Dad (below in blue!) ...
...while the Team was constanly motivated at the top of the ski-slope-climb pit area, by our own cowbell ringing, "Fast Like Pancakes" chanting, Cheering Section!When it was all over, we were crushed... ...but had memories to last a lifetime.
(No really, Mike ... a LIFETIME... not just until next year!!!) "Special Thanks" to Dirty Mike for building up our courage to race this crazy event! ...and remember, Ag3r / IndianaCycling.com is...

For MORE on the event, check out Rich Seevers' Blog (AFIB Rider)

T.T.F.N. (Tah Tah for Now!)


Anonymous said...

A haircut here, a razor there, you guys could really be going places!

Congrats boys! I'm proud of you!

BTW - The team seems more fun lately. I'm jealous.

Henry Dimmick said...

Must be the hair :)