Aug 31: Tour de Tamerak

Rich Allen traveled north on Sunday to the Tamerak road race. In Rich's words: "The race started on time and up the hill we went, I actually gained a little ground zig zaging around people on the climb but was still behind the leaders 50 yards or so. Worked with a couple other guys, one flatted and the other one dropped shortly after he jumped in. Road the next 8 or so miles solo but after the 2nd climb I could see a pack behind me which caught me with like 5 miles or so to go, and road with them till the next small hill. This one guy takes off so I jumped his wheel, and told him it was just me and you and lets go for it, so we did. The pack caught him part way up the hill before the final turn to the finish line but I was able to hold them off for 10th overall and 1st in my age group."

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