Apr 11: Morgantown Road Race

Thanks to Fred Jorden for the above photo.
Sam Morrison ventured south onto the hills of West Virginia to attend the Morgantown, 47 mile, Cat 4/5, Road Race this past Easter weekend. After 22 miles of flatland "warm-up", the race headed for the sky. During the climbs, Sam initiated or followed multiple attacks, whittling the group down from 50 ...to 15 ...then to 10. Somehow, somewhere near the end of the race, maybe during a brief encounter with trailing riders from a earlier-started race, one of their group slipped off the front undetected, soloing to the race win. Unknown to Sam as he approached the line, he let loose his new found sprint, claiming what he thought was a victory for Pennsylvania, only to learn that he was left kissing his sister in West Virginia(!) ...taking 2nd Place on the day!!! With this excellent result, Sam has now solidified his USACycling requirements in order to upgrade his road racing license from Category 4 to Category 3 ...where he will certainly find more difficult competition, but where he will surely demonstrate his maturing strength. Congratulations Sam :)

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