Apr 19: 2009 Mingo RR Final

Pneumonia is a hard word to spell.
...and having failed a Physician conducted spelling bee (and x-ray), Sam Morrison was prohibited from racing in the 3rd of 3 races of this long running road race series...putting in jeopardy his ability to retain the Series Points lead in the USACycling Cat 4/5 competition.
But, as luck sometimes has it... a combination of who showed for the races and the result of the 15-man sprint finish, Sam was able to pocket the prize, and the money, for the SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP :) ... or "here", on the ACARacing site.
Mark Briercheck was the only Ag3r racer this day, ending in 23rd in the Cat 1/2/3 race.
While not racing, Sam and I were Corner-Marshals at the top of the descent (me) and the bottom of the descent (Sam)... so between the three of us, there was Ag3r ALL OVER the course!~
Interestingly, this is our 3rd Cat 4/5 Championship.
2001 - Jim Miller
2007 - Brian Hopkins
2009 - Sam Morrison

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately that was the last time I had any sort of luck in a road race. Great job Sam, I'm sure your follow through will be better than mine.