May 17: Aliquippa Criterium

OK. Our numbers are building! Sam Morrison, Dave Shaffer, Mark Briercheck and I (Henry Dimmick) all showed for this week's Series Final criterium. Problem is... I forgot my shoes :( Individual and Series Results Pending... Cat 1/2/3 Race: Sam Morrison Dave Shaffer Mark Briercheck


John said...

I've been there with the shoe thing. Hate it when that happens.

Affib Rider said...

Things I have forgotten.
Font wheel- Shanock valley MTB Race
Shoe- laid it on roof before leaving home. It fell off the car about a mile down the road My wife found it later that day.
Helmet-Ironcross...fortunately Brian is aware of my affliction and had a spare.
I and my wife have both driven bikes into the garage smashing them into the house.
Im sure there are more.

Henry Dimmick said...

It is only a matter of statistics...and time... before ALL THIS happens to ALL YOU out there :)