May 24: Aliquippa (Money) Crit

After many weeks of "Practice", the final "Big Payout" Aliquippa Criterium was held this Memorial Day weekend. Cat 4 / 45+ Race: The first race for me (Henry Dimmick) was the 45+ race. Focusing on the mid race sprints for cash ($20), at about 500 meters out, two riders jumped and I got immediately on their wheel. Once the lead rider finally blew up, the second position rider never pulled through, so I began my attack...at about 300+ meters out! I kept the sprint going the whole way to the line, only to be nipped by a wheel by the only rider that was able to stick with me :) With 4 laps to go, there was a crash in front of me. Only one rider went to the deck, with two riders on either side clipped out and weaving. I was full on the brakes looking to for a way through, and at the last minute just missed the head and hands of the downed rider, but stayed up. However, by now, the peleton was GONE... so I woosed out and abandoned, knowing that I was also riding in the next race. Cat 1/2/3 Race: The last race of the day, was the Cat 1/2/3 race, entered by Dave Shaffer, Mark Briercheck, Sam Morrison and me. Early on, Dave Shaffer was off on a break that we though would stick, especially as the rest of us went to the front of the attack group to disrupt the catch. But the breakaways riders apparently did not want to work together, so everything came back together. While getting ready for the next mid-race sprint for $20, two rider took off the front, followed by Sam and a fourth rider. Again, Mark and I went to the front of the group to interrupt the organization of a threatening chase. Sam stayed out front for at least 2 laps before finally getting drawn back into the main group. While we were not able to get fully organized for a full sprint leadout, we had good results with Dave Shaffer finishing "in the money" :) Dave Shaffer - 5th Sam Morrison - 11th Mark Briercheck - 27th Henry Dimmick - 28th ALSO - Stay tuned for a future post of lots of great pictures from all the 2009 Aliquippa races taken by Fred Jorden!

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