Sept 20: Presque Isle Time Trial

This event marks (for us) the end of the Summer Road Racing Season... something we all look forward to! Attending were Steve Marlette, Ray Sielski, Dave Hickey and me (Henry Dimmick). Arriving to Erie at 6am... the change of season goes hand-in-hand with a change in the Sunrise ...so camp set-up for this Fall event is done in the DARK. While the venue is the same as usual, a beautiful loop around Presque Isle State Park... ...NEW THIS DAY was the addition of 2 new riders to the Ag3r Team... the one-two punch, husband-wife team of Steve and Hanna Brewer. ...and as you can see.... Hanna is a real "Knock Out" :) So, while everyone pulled out their Time Machines for this final TT of the season, I dusted off my Single Speed Fixie... and outfitted it with the latest in (not so aerodynamic) "hipster"assessories and race fuels!
Meanwhile, with such close proximity to the lake...
... one must be on constant watch for signs of forward(?) steps in human "evolution"...
Getting back to racing (!)... and to the awards, we all gathered around...
...to watch Steve Marlette and our "New Brewers" proceed to collect some hardware!
Hanna Brewer: 1st Place Women's 20-24 yrs / 87th Overall
Steve Brewer: 1st Place Men's 20-24 yrs / 4th Overall
Steve Marlette: 1st Place Men's 45-49 yrs / 6th Overall
Dave Hickey: 30th Place Overall
Ray Sielski: 34th Place Overall (Setting his 3rd Personal Record on this course in 2009!)
I, on the other hand, beat these two 9 year olds!
Henry Dimmick: 59th Place Overall
So...now we transition into The Month of Mud, and CycloCross Season!
See you all in the dirt :)
Thanks to Steve Brewer for providing a few of the better photos!


Anonymous said...

Brewer crew is a quality pick up. I heard they are planning on racing exclusively with a tandem soon.

Bruce Fratto said...


You've always been competitive. Glad to hear the bar has been raised and congrats on beating the two 9 year olds.

Looking forward to the next update.