Sept 27: Raccoon Twp Park CX

Rain and the promise of wet grass and a slippery course was not enough to deter the hearty. In fact, a total of six riders showed up for the first CycloCross race of the 2009 Month of Mud Series.
Brian Hopkins and Steve Brewer were first to arrive... at 7:00 am ... 3 hours before race time, the result of a slight miscalculation in their travel back into Pa. from Saturday's Ohio CX race!!!
Also racing were Mike Maher, Rich Allen, Ray Sielski and me (Henry Dimmick).
The first race of the day gave us all a chance to check out the course under race conditions, knowing that each passing racer only made things more and more treacherous for those who would follow!
This can be seen in the excellent displays of Race #2 bike handling by Steve Brewer...
...Ray Sielski...
... and myself :)
Even Brian's Where's Waldo Socks could not overpower the Gods of Slip'n'Slide!
Just to make sure you know we aren't TOTAL sped's, here are a few pics of us STILL on two wheels!
At the end of the day, we had the following Results in the "Sport" B-Race:
Steve Brewer: DNF (saddle "malfunction"; rear brakes "inoperable"!)
Mike Maher: 6th Place
Brian Hopkins: 8th Place
Henry Dimmick: 14th Place
Rich Allen: 19th Place
Ray Sielski: 22nd Place
A good day in the MUD :)
Thanks to John Curran and (me) for the photos!


Unknown said...

I can't believe I didn't get a single pick on this post except that one of my socks. What a ripoff. OTOH, I guess those socks may be my only redeeming quality.

Henry Dimmick said...

Well... try wearing them over your HEAD next time :)