Oct 24: Murrysville CX

After spending the majority of the day yesterday setting up the course, CX regulars Ray Sielski... Brian Hopkins... Steve Brewer... Mike Maher... and myself (Henry Dimmick), returned to RACE the course : ) Along for the "ride" were 2nd-time-crosser Steve Marlette... ...and 1st-time-crosser Mark Briercheck!!! With LOTS of rain the night before, the course was muddy enough that one rider was overhead saying that "riding in this mud steals your soul"! At the end of the day...the Results were in: Steve Brewer DNF the Men's 4 race after being taken out by a stick through the wheel, and took 31st in the Men's 3/4 race. Mark Briercheck took 15th in the Men's 4 race. Henry Dimmick took 13th in the Men's 45+, and 33rd in the Men's 3/4 race. Brian Hopkins took 8th in the Men's 4 race, and 26th in the Men's 3/4 race. Mike Maher took 7th in the Men's 4 race. Steve Marlette took 9th in the Men's 45+ race... ...and Ray Sielski took 18th in the Men's 4 race. Afterwards, Mike Maher, Steve Brewer & I stayed to help tear down the course... before heading to Butler for some cleaning and rest, before heading out to race The Raccoon CX tomorrow. Thanks to Photographers Brian Hopkin, Vaughn Wallace & me! ...and to whomever was operating our cameras while we were racing :)

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