Oct 25: Raccoon CX

Brian Hopkins, Steve Brewer and myself (Henry Dimmick) headed to Rochester, Pa. for the Raccoon Twp Park CycloCross Race... our second day in a row of racing :)
After yesterday's mudfest in Murrysville, THIS turned out to be a PERFECT day... 60 degF and sunny.
In the Men's 4 race, Steve Brewer took 2nd Place, and Brian Hopkins took 3rd Place... both on the Podium ...and BOTH with medals : )
In the Men's 40+ race, I was able to hold on to 4th Place.
In our second race, we all raced....actually... we all "rode for fun" together in the Men's 2/3/4 race!!!
After our races, we stayed to "Cyclo-Party" the Men's 1/2/3 race ... handing up Glazed Donuts and cold Foster's to the riders who were man enough to stomach them!
What a GREAT Weekend : ) Thanks to Brian Hopkins and JR Petsko for the photos.

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