The Off-Season Season

With racing season almost over, Mike Maher, Rich Allen and Ray Sielski were able to get out for a ride just for the fun of it ... rejuvenating the childhood enjoyment that got us all hooked on bikes in the first place.
Photos by Mike Maher. Ride Summary by Ray Sielski. Great ride, but tough with rock gardens aplenty. I did better than I thought I would and finished with a nice hill climb then decended into the mud pit of Gollum. A 29'r would have been nice as my bb was bottoming out on the rock trails. Mike did a nice split when his tire found a groove in boards over a creek. This was covered by snow and caught him by surprise. Mike also fell off a boulder and was in a very precarious position, which could have been a bad 4 foot tumble. Rich had tire troubles early but rebounded to have a nice day on the tech stuff. Good thing we practiced the tire fix drill earlier in the week.

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