Nov 28: Dirty Dozen

The following are Text Messages, coming to you LIVE, from Kirk Morrison during the course of today's Dirty Dozen Hill Climb (Race)!!! 12:00 pm Sam (Morrison) Hill #1 - 3rd Hill #2 - 1st Hill #3 - 4th Hill #4 - 2nd Mark Briercheck and I are surviving. ------------------------------------------- 12:41 pm Hill #5 - 1st Total Points so far: Steevo leading 20 - 19 ------------------------------------------- 12:43 pm Hill #6 - Sam 2nd ------------------------------------------- 12:47 pm Sam in 1st Place. Ahead of Steevo by 3 pts ------------------------------------------- 1:23 pm Hill #7 - 2nd Sam in 1st Place by 2 pts ------------------------------------------- 1:41 pm FaceBook post by Suzanne Atkinson

------------------------------------------- 2:04 pm After Hill #8... Sam in 1st Place, leading steevo by 4 points ------------------------------------------- 2:40 pm Hill #9 - Canton. Sam forced into left line and the leaves. Steevo 1st. Sam 5th. Tied Overall. ------------------------------------------- 2:50 pm Big Field - Over 180 riders ------------------------------------------- 3:10 pm Hill #10 - Sam 1st. Steevo 2nd. ------------------------------------------- 3:32 pm Hill #11 - Steevo 2nd. Sam 3rd. Tied Again. ------------------------------------------- 3:50 pm Hill #12 - Steevo 1st. Sam 2nd. Chris Mayhew tops out the podium in 3rd.

WOW... what a battle!


Steve Brewer said...

Awesome job Sam!

Unknown said...

great job Sam! you're a beast

Kirk Morrison said...

I forgot to mention that we had a minor start line panic as Sam's rear wheel flatted out twice (!) just before the peloton left the oval. Gunnar Shogren assisted with a home-made (scissors and plastic bag) rim strip to cover the valve stem hole edges. Danny Chew held-up the start of the race on account of Sam. Worked like a charm. Thanks Gunnar and Danny ! It was a beautiful day with some spectacular views of Pittsburgh and the rivers.