Race to Anyplace?

I (Steve Marlette) participated in the Race to Anyplace at the US Steel Building today, which benefits the leukemia foundation. My groin hurts! …. Bad!

I joined a team from work to help fill in some spots. Our team participated on spin bikes with very little resistance. The race is based on miles, so the game is to spin as fast as you can for 15 minute intervals.

I ended up doing 4 intervals, three of them with only one rider in between! I now know how different spin bikes are from real bikes. It was still a fun event but it may be a few days until I can walk normally again. I also ran into a few familiar faces from Ag3r, ProBikes and UPMC teams.


Yep - The Race to Anyplace was pretty crazy.

I (Mark Briercheck) went down to the event with some of the folks from my gym. Steve was stuck on a spinner and I was on a Schwinn Airdyne. I'm not sure who was luckier. The Pro Bikes boys were on an airdyne as well. I'm a little sore today but at least I can walk.

Overall it was a pretty fun event! Maybe again next year, although I think the debate would be whether or not to sign up for a spin bike or an airdyne. Judging by the pain Steve is in...maybe the Airdyne!


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