St. Patty's "Day"?

Kirk Morrison launched a last minute idea, and 4 sheep in wolves clothing flocked behind him!

Kirk, Roger Lutz, Ray Sielski, an unnamed Poser and I, met for a Green Beer bar hopping night ride!

While Green Beer was not as easy to find as we would have thought, there was plenty of Guinness at all 3 bars we went to  : )

Along the way, we ended up adopting a new friend.  Joining in on his first Bar Hopping Bike Ride was a guy named Owen, riding a beautiful full nude-carbon Planet X Road Bike with full Campy Carbon 10, shod with Carbon Eastons & Tubulars!  Not quite the Leprechan we expeced to find scurrying through St. Patty's Night alleyways, but he would have to do!

In the end, despite Guinness having all the daily nutrition a man could need, Kirk & Roger still rode to Eat'n'Park for a night cap!

We can ALWAYS find a good excuse to get in a ride...
...especially one THIS short  : )

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Skir said...

Lesbians to the left, Dykes to the right. Roger blinks and Ken flinches, team HD and x-ray shoot and score. Game over, move on to the next hole.