Yellow Creek MTB

Brian Hopkins and Steve Brewer dusted off their Mtn Bikes for last Saturday's Yellow Creek Park MTB Race.

In recent times, racing head to head for these two has turned into a bit of a rivalry. Both wish, however, that the rivalry was one of fitness and skill... instead of one of attrition!

On THIS day, Steve came out on top ...while Brian will be searching for a new Rabbit's Foot.

Steve finished in 11th Place

Brian finished in 14th Place

Check their Blogs in case they write something more!


Unknown said...

just to let everyone know. I was beating Steve but I got a flat and had to walk 2 miles to get it fixed before I took my leisurely ride to the finish.

Henry Dimmick said...

Oh. WE all thought the story meant that you were weak and out of shape...?!?!?!