ACA Tuesday Criterium

Ag3r Team Sponsor and FoxVelo Club Member Kirk Morrison attended his first Allegheny Cycling Association Tuesday Night Criterium.

Here is the story in Kirk's words!
Survived my first crit unscathed in a full field of 35 riders. 

After again making the mistake of not getting a proper warmup (at least 40 minutes ..... Ugh!), I had trouble staying with the pack at the start and got dropped.

After chasing for about 8 laps (my actual warm-up) I took Steevo's advice to sit up and wait for the pack to rejoin the action. Turned out to be good advice since I had no problem working in the pack for the final 20 laps (on my 2nd try !). I was even able to accelerate towards the front on a few primes (the homemade cookies were very motivating).

I was surprised at how exhilarating it was to head into those turns at 30 mph in a pack of 35 riders. Great fun.  Ended up with an avg speed of 25 mph (even after being lapped).  Glad I went.

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