Kent State CX

Also racing a DAILY DOUBLE, in fact racing an energizer-bunny-worthy DOUBLE-DAILY-DOUBLE, were  Kirk Morrison and Mike Maher.

On Friday Night, Dirty Mike held his Annual Double Cross Race Party.  Attending this 2-Race event (Race #1 at DUSK.  Race #2 in the DARK of Night!) were Mike Maher, Brian Hopkins, Ray Sileski, Kirk Morrison, Mark Briercheck, Henry Dimmick, and Jim Miller.  With the party wrapping up at ~midnight, Kirk and Mike began readying themselves to race CX in Ohio the following day!  That would make THREE races in two days.
HardCore?  ...or Stupid?! 

You be the judge...after you read that they actually raced FOUR times :)

Kirk vagely recalls the situation as follows!
After this Friday night's Double Cross III races, Mike Maher and I headed over to the Kent State (Stark Campus) on Saturday morning to “double up” at the NEOCX #4 races in N. Canton, Ohio.

The weather was perfect for this 4th edition with partly sunny skies and temps in the low 70’s. This was a fairly fast course with lots of grass, a paved section, one long climb and practically no mud or sand.

In the noon race I competed in the SS Open class, while Mike raced in the Masters 45+ Cat3/4 event.

Kirk Morrison - 8th Place (SS Open)

Mike Maher - 8th Place (Master's Cat 3/4)

Afterwards, we both raced in the 1:15pm Cat3/4 Open race. Unfortunately, our legs began to feel the effects of being called to perform in their 4th race in less than 24 hours (with about 3 hours of sleep for Mike !). After a quick start we found ourselves a bit “off the back”.

Photo by Jeff Gernert

Mike and I rode most of this race together until he couldn’t take being passed by another 1/2/3 woman (they started a minute behind us) and he rallied for a strong finish.

Photo by Jeff Gernert

Meanwhile, I was content to cheer on the fast gals as they cruised by! 

Photo by Jeff Gernert

Mike Maher - 20th Place (Men's B Cat 3/4)

Kirk Morrison - 22nd Place (Men's B Cat 3/4)

Complimentary post-race refreshments included Subway sandwiches, chips and cookies …….. very nice !  Nice event, good course (but not even close to Mike’s amazing DCIII course) and a great time with teammate Mike.


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