The Curse of Success

Did you ever notice... that when someone asks you to do something, and you do a good job at it, that they keep asking you to do it again?  Well, this post is not exactly about that...!

So, road season is over, and CycloCross season is in full swing.  This is normally the time when we can finally let our regimented training slip a bit, in hopes of recovering the FUN of Cycling that got us into (all this) in the first place. 

And heck, if we can do "all that" while satisfying our addiction to "competition", while drinking a few beers, then straight up...
...Life is Good, right?

Problem is, many of us have done a good job so far, and now are HANDCUFFED to race EVERY WEEKEND to stay in the hunt.  And for what? 

First, let me tell you what we WON'T get from this success:  Not Fame, nor Fortune ...and certainly not some higher state of Domestic Bliss at home!


We do it for a chance to be on the Final Series Podium ...
...cash in one hand...
...champagne in the other...
...flash bulbs going off all around us...
...and "The Bitches" kneeling at our feet!!! 

In other words: 1,800 miles of driving, $350 in gas, $200 in entry fees and approximately 120 hours of time we will never get back... all in search of OUR 15 minutes of FAME :)

Weird thing is ...we can't wait to race again!


Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association
CycloCross Series STANDINGS
...after Round #4 of 8:

4th Place - Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem (-20 pts Off Podium)

MEN'S 3/4
3rd Place - Steve Brewer
18th Place - Brian Hopkins (-37)

24th Place - Mike Maher (-65)

MEN'S 40+
16th Place - Steve Marlette (-64)
18th Place - Mike Maher (-73)

8th Place - Hannah Brewer (-57)

6th Place - Kirk Morrison (-29)

MEN'S 50+
1st Place (tie) - Henry Dimmick
1st Place (tie) - Kirk Morrison
4th Place - Rich Allen (-3)
6th Place - Ray Sielski (-30)


Anonymous said...

Read this "bitches"


stiCk said...

I'm proud of you guys! But your groupies are dogs.