ABRA at the Oval

The Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association (ABRA) has added to it's calendar this year with a series of Criteriums at the Bud Harris Oval on Washington Blvd in Pittsburgh, Pa.

This past weekend, Steve Marlette and Dan Schar jumped into the Men's 40+ race...

Steve Marlette - 8th Place

Dan Schar - THE WHINER, I mean WINNER!!! - 1st Place!!!

Steve Marlette tells the story:

If Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin were commentators for the Master's crit race at the oval today they would have picked Dan’s attack on the final lap as the big move of the day! It was brilliant!

The promoter chose the bullet course, featuring two 90 degree turns at the Bud Harris oval. This made for a tricky slow-down-and-accelerate situation for turns 3 and 4. Dan took advantage of this by not waiting to sprint after turn 4, but instead attacking after turn 2 on the final lap. The result was a first place for Dan!!

I'm glad I decided to do the race this morning. It was a thing of beauty!

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Anonymous said...

It must be Dan's month.