Yella Crick

Well...that's how we say it in these-here parts.  Others of you may pronounce the race the YELLOW CREEK Park Grassroots Racing X-County!  This month, the race was held on the South Shore course.

Six Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem riders accompanied our "expatriateGear Movement/Epic Pro Cycling Team members Sam Morrison & Deidre York

By the end of the day, we soon realized that, as roadies in the dirt...

photo by Steve Brewer

..."we" were only there to take podium pictures ...and carry their luggage!
Steve Brewer - 9th Place
Rich Allen - 13th Place
Mike Maher - 17th Place
Hannah Brewer - 18th Place
Kirk Morrison - 19th Place
Henry Dimmick - 22nd Place

Because Deidre and Sam both WON (...top girl and top boy, in case you didn't figure that one out on your own!)  Obviously, the result of high altitude training.  Yup, that's the story we are sticking with...!!!

BTW, Sam & Deidre say "Hi"!

For winning the overall race, Sam got to put on the coveted "Green Jacket"...

...and take home the hotly sought after Cherry Pie.  Ask Leslie how good it was!

Thanks to Kirk Morrison & Steve Brewer for their photos!

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stiCk said...

What an awesome group! Congrats to all!