PMVC 10 mile TT

After an afternoon of Team Building and Race Prep (Waterskiing!), Ray Sielski, Hannah Brewer, and Steve Brewer met up with Steve Marlette for the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 10 mile Individual Time Trial.

Story by Ray Sielski

Here we are at the first event of August to find another night at the track with temperatures hovering around 95 degrees. Clear skys with little of no wind welcomed the racers, apparently there were no pre race track records that needed to fall in this heat so the group got started on time.

Steve Brewer had his sights set on first place as he refused to participate in the team pre race warm up (see abstact above!), then went on to win the event sporting a baseball card in his spokes to intimidate the rest of the field as he cruised by with his noisemaker.

Steve Marlette, not to be intimidated by Brewer's "motor", joined in the team effort by posting an easy second place.

Ray and Hannah sporting their new tan lines and impish grins from the pre race warm-ups, put in fine performances that will be well remembered past the pain of not posting any PR's.

Results by Oscar Swann
Here are revised results for the 10m TT.

1st Place @21.45 - Steve Brewer (Personal Record)
2nd Place @ 21.59 - Stephen Marlette
10th Place @25:06 - Ray Sielski
12th Place @ 27.03 - Hanna Brewer

The added BONUS of the day's "warm-up" was that Hannah "got up on ONE (water) SKI" for the first time!!! 

Way to go HANNAH  :)

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