Two Mile Run?

Two MILE Run?

TWO mile bike? 

Confused?  So were all the riders who attended this race :(

Story by Hannah Brewer

I usually count on Kirk or Mike to write something informative, witty, and entertaining after each race, but I guess I'll have to fill in since I was the lone Ag3r rider at the Two Mile Run mountain bike race.

For this race, I don't even know where to start. Actually, I did not even want to start. After three days of hiking combined then three days of cycling in Boulder, my legs were totally beat, but since we came home from CO in time to race, I had to go.

I heard from Richie, and many other local riders, that Two Mile Run is a long grind and that I would get lost at least once, if not several times. Although I usually appear calm and rationale, I am inherently a strong-minded "know-it-all", and didn't REALLY believe that I would get lost. Following a marked trail can't be too hard, right? Wrong.

Within the first two miles, I followed at least 10 other riders off course, for a .5 mile detour. Great. My longest mountain bike race yet (18 miles) and I'm adding more mileage! That wasn't my last mishap. I made at least five more wrong turns, but luckily I caught my mistakes before riding too far in the wrong direction.....Shame on you if I pass you once, shame on me if I pass you twice!

When my legs finally accepted that they were racing and I finally accepted that this was a mountain bike race/scavenger hunt, I had a great ride. The weather was perfect, the single track was dry and fun, and "staying on course" became an added challenge --and I love challenges.

Oh, and logs. At least 25 log crossings. No joke. If I didn't know how to hop a log before, I do now.

I was no speed demon, but I finished 40th overall and 2nd overall for the ladies....1st overall women 14-39 yrs.  The fastest lady must be under 14... or over 40!

Results found at: http://www.smileymiles.com/2012/RES12%20TWO%20MILE%20RUN%20PARK%20MT%20BIKE%20EXPERT%20OA.HTM


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