Double Cross V - Crosspocolypse, turned out to be a dry event (from the sky) but a very wet event (from the icy coolers!!!)

...which has a lot to do with why riders keep coming back year after year, despite being (apparently) homeless otherwsie!
Jim Miller

In fact, some arrived and set up camp DAYS in advance...
Kirk Morrison & Ray Sielski

....and when questioned why they were there so soon, could only shrug their shoulders and say, "WHY NOT?"!!!
Mark Briercheck

At the START for Race #1, Mike Maher (race promoter/host) got everyone organized...

....while 2011 Reigning Double Cross Champion Ray (#1) Sielski waited calmly to the side.
Thanks Ray, for making these SWEET Race Numbers!

Hannah Brewer, fresh off her 24 hour Champion Challenge of Seven Springs race win, sporting the CHAMPIONS jersey, was just happy to be racing in dry (trail) conditions!

Others, like Mark "The Reeper" Briercheck, were not in as good of "worldly" spirits!

Each lap, riders had to face various obsticles, both during the "day"...
Steve Brewer

...and at night.
Hannah Brewer

And while some "challenges" seemed excessivly difficult...

...they were made worth while by the IMMEDIATE (and forced) reward for overcoming them!

After the 2nd Race of the night was complete, having taken place completely in the dark...
Kirk Morrison
Mike Maher

...everyone was treated to fireworks!!!

...and to Kirk's mondolin playing  :)

As usual, pictures of ME are scarce!

Henry Dimmick, photo by The Happy Trout!

By design, this race party LIGHTS UP the beginning of our CycloCross season.

Stay Tuned  :)

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