Erie Time Trial

For some 25 years now, the Fall Erie Time Trial has marked the traditional end of the ROAD season.

Unfortunately, this year only Ray Sielski and Steve Marlette were in attendance... WELL REPRESENTING the team up north!

Here is X-Ray's Story:
Presque Isle Erie PA, Sunday September 9, 2012 ...

...also know as Ray and Diane's 34th wedding anniversary! To celebrate this wonderful occasion Diane decide to upgrade to super fan status by joining the team at the races. 

A 5:00 am wake up call couldn't come early enough as anticipation for the year ending event was building throughout the weekend. Rain, cold and wind was threatening the lake Erie shores. The early morning drive was wet and windy, while visible bands of rain and clouds were seen through out the Northeast.

Ray joined fellow Ag3r teammate Steve Marlette, and after a warm up and discussion of race tactics set out for the starting line. At that particular moment the rain stopped, and with the sun cresting came the final countdown... 04 ..03 ..02 ..01 ..GO!

I set out on the course in wet and puddle conditions, carefully watching the corners and bumps on the road trying to beat the next band of wind and rain.  Luckily, there were no real head wind and less tailwind on course.

In the end, I finished in 38th Place Overall with a new Personal Record of 31:28, and in 10th Place of the Men's 50+ Division.  This was my 4th P.R. of the season, at distances of 5 miles, 10 miles, 12.5 miles and 20 miles.  A great year!

Steve, impressive as always, finished in 11th Place Overall with a time of 28:18, and in 4th Place of the Men's 40+ Division.

Race complete the rain moved in and all was back to normal in Erie, PA.  Post race beer and sandwiches were good, somewhat lacking without my usual escorts....but the anniversary lunch company was plenty good enough....right honey?!!!


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