ABRA Short Track MTB #1

by Kirk Morrison

Race Date: 6-1-13
Race Location: Oakdale, PA
Race Category: registered to double up with Cat3 and SS races

Finish Place: DNS (for both !) due to crash during warm-up laps.

Details: Took the “XX” downhill section too fast and ended up “burping” off my front tire and crashing on the concrete pad at the bottom. 

After trying to “shake it off” for a half-hour, I headed to the nearest hospital ER and was diagnosed with a broken scapula (shoulder blade .. see pics from my later CT Scan at Butler Health System).  Disappointing...

...but I was relieved to learn that surgery isn’t required and it should heal up on its own.

I’ll be back.

Oh, since I know some will ask, the bike (steel Spot Rocker SS) is OK.



stiCk said...

Kirk still "Flying the Colors" at the Salute the Service 10k this weekend. Then he came over (gimp arm and all) and helped me to understand ThuleSpeak. He's an inspiring cat. No question about it.

All of you guys (and Girls) are amazing people.

Kirk Morrison said...

Seeing your youngest ride her bike with the pink unicorn helmet made it all worthwhile. Nice !

Excellent performance at the 10K !