Ft. Classic Road Race

"Stretching the Legs"
by Mark Briercheck

My 2013 racing season kicked off at the annual ABRA Fort Classic Road race.  Temperatures in the low 80's, a nice stiff breeze, and sunny skies were the order of the day.  Pretty much the most ideal weather one could ask for a bike race.

The Master's 40+ category had a lot of the usual suspects showing up to lay down some hurt.

Five laps on a rolling 8 mile course with one 'sort of hill'.

The peloton must have feared either the hill or the wind because there were few half-hearted attempts to organize a break during the day. So the field held together like glue for 33 miles.

Photo by Fred Jordan

Finally starting into the final lap a group of four rocketed off the front.I missed the break but stayed in the group of chasers hoping to organize a catch. Given the hill and the wind it was unlikely they could hold the break unless the chase group failed to organize.

Long story short - the chase group failed to organize and lost 30 seconds to the leaders.

Coming into the final stretch I was in excellent position to sprint but burned my last match too early at 200m out, and lost a few places just before the line to finihs in 8th Place Overall.

Photo by Fred Jordan

Overall - Just a great day to be on the bike and shake out the racing cob webs for the start of 2013 racing!


A lot of the locals were coming down hard on JR so i wonder if he might skip this location for next year..we'll see. He even had to approach one local about putting their dogs onto chains to they wouldn't chase the riders - the owner said 'No' and refused to restrain his dogs from coming after the bikes. *sigh*

Oh well...still a super fun day.


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stiCk said...

The crazy thing s the tire blowing out pic is more amazing to me than the one that required billions in technology. Hope you're feeling better soon. Sucks to be sidelined this time of year. It certainly bothers me more now than it did in December.

Is that your tire, or a stock photo?