Mini Tour "day" France?!!

Story by Steve Marlette:

The weekend racing started with the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 20 mile TT at the Bud Harris Oval in Pittsburgh on Friday July 19.

There were T-storms brewing at the start of the race and we got hit with rain and some strong gusts of wind during the race, but were able to complete the race. Since the conditions were horrible and I was planning to race on Sunday as well, I backed of the pace after about 10 miles.

I had thought that I had 1st place in the bag by that point but that turned out to not be true. However, I did TIE for 1st Place Overall!
The next stages were on Sunday July 21, 2013 at the Eastern Ohio Time Trial in Deerfield OH. I signed up for both the Overall (full aero bike and equipment) and the Standard Class (road bike no aero equipment allowed).

The conditions were nearly perfect for the time trials with calm winds. I was able to set a Personal Record on the aero TT bike and took 1st Place Overall and 1st Place in my Age Group.

After my TT bike performance, there was not much left in the tank for the "Merckx Standard", and I ended up finishing in 7th Place.

I was very happy with the overall results this weekend, especially setting a new PR in OH by 22 seconds!

Since our new kits are YELLOW and RASPBERRY, I also feel like I got a yellow jersey for my mini Tour de France...!!!

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