Shannock Valley MTB

Story by Hannah Brewer:

Shannock Valley had the potential of being the driest, fastest, MTB course of the summer.

Three miles in, I was feeling great. The trails were dry and I felt good on the hills, riding some of the steeper, short climbs that I hiked up last year. Then the rain hit......hard.

It took about one full lap before the trails were REALLY soupy, and simply pedaling through the single track became a struggle. What started as my fastest race of the year turned into the wettest and muddiest race of the year.

As the lightening struck, I counted the seconds before the thunder boomed. It wasn't long before I stopped counting because there was no time between the lightening and thunder. The storm was EXACTLY where I was riding....

This is when I realized that I somehow feel exempt from making responsible choices when I on my mountain bike, and this might be exactly why I love this sport :))

The thunder and lightening finally moved on, but the rain kept coming and I kept pedaling.

Usually when I am doing a longer mountain bike race, I am ready for the finish line 8 miles before I get to it. This time, I felt good on my bike up until mile 18.

Ultimately, I finished in 6th Place Overall in the expert field; 1st Place Woman.

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