Kick-Off Cross

The Team returned to Point Marion, Pa. for the opening round "Kick Off Cross" of the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association Cyclocross Series.

While we HAVE done this race before...and done this location before...we have NOT done so with out our Photographer in tow!

Allow me to introduce Nathan Black...a professional photographer and one of our new morning training partners!


Photo by Mike Briggs
Photo by Mike Briggs
Photo by SonicImaging

...who provided us with HUNDREDS of photos of JUST Ag3r racers! 

All the photos from here on in this post were taken by Nathan.  THANKS :)

Our results today were:

Logan Krause - 9th Place Men's 4/5

Hannah Brewer - 5th Place Women's 1/2/3

Kirk Morrison - 12th Place Open Single Speed

Mark Briercheck - 5th Place Open 40+

Hannah Brewer - 12th Place Open 40+

Mike Maher - 13th Place Open 40+

Steve Marlette - 2nd Place Open 50+

Henry Dimmick - 4th Place Open 50+

Rich Allen - 6th Place Open 50+

Kirk Morrison - 7th Place Open 50+

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Affib Rider said...

What happened to Steve B. Wont they let him drive his sports car around the course?