MoM North Park CX

Usually racing involves a "road trip" to get to each venue.  This time, however, the racing was right in our own back yard... at the corner of Ingomar Road & Babcock Blvd in North Park, for the Month of Mud's North Park Cyclocross Race.

With two days of leading rain heading into the event, the skys cleared just in time for race day.

All our usual Caricatures were in attendance.

...no, I did NOT mean "Characters"!

ALL PHOTOS were captured by Mike Briggs :)

Single Speed
12th Place - Kirk Morrison

Masters 45+
3rd Place - Steve Marlette

8th Place - Mike Maher

21st Place - Rich Allen

7th Place - Mark Briercheck

22nd Place - Logan Krause

Expert Women
2nd Place - Hannah Brewer

19th Place - Nathan Black

Quote of the Day:
"Marlette and I did give a half-hearted attempt at heckling some riders, but we just lack Steve Brewer's ability to truly demoralize a rider's mental state." - Mark Briercheck


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