Fixie Track Bike Night

Friday Night Fixed Gear Track Bike Night at the Bud Harris Track.

Short Story by Kirk Morrison:
Fun night on the track bike at the oval. I felt and rode a bit better as the night went on and I became more accustomed to my track bike, some basic tactics as well as the high cadence.

Slightly Longer Story by Oscar Swan!
A really nice and congenial "crowd" of participants, very evenly matched, contested events up until the end of daylight.

Threatened thunderstorms never materialized. Nobody complained about not getting enough exercise.

Most events had 3-2-1 scoring. If it had been 5-4-3-2-1, the final results might have been different.

The best events, including the unknown-distance race, and the team race using a plastic scouring pad for a baton, never materialized for lack of time. Maybe next year.

Thanks to both participants and to Stephanie Swan for registering, scoring, timing, and flagging.

200-meter flying start
8th Place - Kirk Morrison 17.88

Chariot Sprints
0 points

10-Lap Handicap
0 Points

7th Place - Morrison 5.29

Danish Sprint
(Win and Out)
7th Place - Morrison

Omnium Points Results:
7th Place - Kirk Morrison (2)

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