Brooklyn Cross

Ray Sielski travelled solo to Brooklyn Ohio for a "Buckeye Style" Cyclocross race!

Here is his report:
Sunny morning sky in Pittsburgh turned dark and threatening in Ohio, thank you lake effect.

Drove through two rain showers to be greeted at Brooklyn with clearing skies.

The day progressed well as race time approached the course started to dry up and conditions changed from swampy to just tacky. The sun also warmed up the racers and we were starting at 70 degrees and sunny.

The park is multi-tiered, the upper portion firm and fast with twisty turns, the lower portion was wet punctuated by a creek crossing that was a real ankle twister.

Two run ups that were ride able at the end of the day as they dried out.

The off camber up slope left 180 degree turn was not rideable by me. Anyone that tried to ride this technical turn (and pass me) was successfully thwarted by typical x-ray protocol


A good day on the bike and a great atmosphere as NEOCX does it well.

No photos for proof, just my 5th Place result that has been audited and reposted twice!!!

Men's 50+

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