Friday Night at the Track

Opening Night at the Bud Harris Track started off the season with HUGE Storm 60 minutes before race time...but somehow, everything dried up and the race went off without a hitch.....more or less.

Wave #2 , in Cue
While pre-registration for the race required riders to select either the 1st Starting Wave (6:30pm) or the 2nd Starting Wave (7:15pm).......the Promoter put everyone into a hat and TOTALLY re-ordered the start list....without telling the riders in advance!!!

So, what did that mean?

It meant that when Nate and Henry, both riders who had signed-up in the 2nd Wave, showed up to the Start Line to sign-in BEFORE starting their warm-up, they were informed that they were ACTUALLY starting 5th and 8th in the FIRST WAVE....only "minutes" from then....so they RACED with ZERO WARM-UP....!!!

Only one Ag3r racer, Ray Sielski, was (re-assigned) into the 2nd Wave...so the rest of us all got to cheer him on!!!

Ray rode TOO FAST to be captured by the lens of a Camera!

No matter...we were ALL just happy to be there :)

Bella Black. Ag3r's New SuperFan!

3rd Place @11.08 => Stephen Marlette (1st 40+)

Marlette's Key to Success(???)

14th Place @12.06 => Nathan Black (5th 40+)

18th Place @12.30 => Henry Dimmick (8th 40+)

20th Place @12.49 => Kirk Morrison (9th 40+)

It was OVER, (before) it even Started!

21st Place @12.51 => Ray Sielski (2nd 60+)

Pre Ray-s

Ray-s Start

Mid Ray-s



Skir said...

What the start reshuffle meant to x-ray Was....
He had to be in Lancaster PA the next day at 7am for a TKD districts tourney. X-ray made a special attempt to get in the group 1 early start by pre registering early. This would have helped the 4 1/2 hour drive get a head start early to beat the bed check.
No, denied and kicked out of group one I raced close to last.
So much for playing by the rules. Great way to start off the weekend and a tourney with little sleep. Two multiple state 2nd place and one third place.

Henry Dimmick said...

Damn! Of ALL the people who LEAST wanted to be in the second wave, YOU were the only one to end up there(?)!!! ...that Oscar, he sure is a comedian, eh? :))