Pittsburgh Roubaix

...a CRAZY "city" format for which ONLY Kirk Morrison was CRAZY enough....!

Here is the story by The Man himself:
Pittsburgh Roubaix 2015
....a Sunday in Hell with the Lid Off!

Finish Place: 2nd DFL

...but I wasn't really DFL since I passed at least 6 riders on the course. The first of these riders were just arriving as I was driving out of the parking lot. My guess is that I was the last rider to arrive before the organizers ran out of PBR and headed for home ......!

.........therefore DFL's were awarded, and I was the 2nd DFL (?).

In reality there were about 30 starters and between the DNF's and the riders behind me, I would guess that I finished at about 20th place).

Got it...?....!!!

Attached pic is from one of the traffic lights in Oakland where we were spotted "obeying" the traffic laws!
Photo my Megan Lovett
This was a unique and fun "alley cat" style race with as many cobbled sections as possible (mostly climbs). 

Warm race with a 1pm start, bright sun and 90F temperatures.

Course started in Schenley Park with a LeMans run up the hill and then heading straight into Panther Hollow (on hiking trails) before looping through Oakland, downtown, Point Park, past Heinz Field during the Steelers/Green Bay pre-season game, up to Riverview Park, then winding back down through mini-Appalachia to cross the 40th Street bridge, Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, around Frick Park, Edgewood, and Homewood before finishing at the Bud Harris Oval.

Since we were on our own to find the route it took me 48 miles of riding to cover the 42 mile course (several missed or wrong turns ...)!

2nd DFL prizes were super generous including:
3 T-shirts
a PBR bucket & pint glass
a Dirt Rag commemorative bottle opener
a Thick water bottle
2 passes to the Wheel Mill
a free oil/filter change certificate, and
a gift card for Coffee Tree Roasters.

Pretty amazing when considering that the entry fee was only $5.

Cool course!

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Nice ride sounds like a great day with gifts.