Roaring Run Rumble

Ag3r served as Course Marshals again this year for the Roaring Run Watershed "Rumble" Mountain Bike Race.

Unlike last year's HOT & SUNNY, this year it was (cold) & RAINING the whole day!

Here are a collection of pics by various Ag3r Photographers!

Pre-Race Marshals Meeting:
Richy Laughing at Mike on his KIDS QUAD...

Race Director Mike!
Steve, trying to keep his HEAD from exploding!
Hannah is "Taken", so you can't "Keep Her"...
She is "Catch & Release ONLY"...!!!

Breakfast of Champions!

Richy & Mark, the weird guys from "the other side of the creek" :)

Heading to our Posts....

"Creeping" through the shrubberies at Steve and Hannah.

Mike, looking less "put-together" than he did earlier...!

Muddy Bobby!

Kirk, hunkered WAY down during the Storm:

Hannah and Steve over at the next turn - FAR

 Hannah and Steve at the next turn - ZOOMED & CROPPED

Bobby crossing the creek

But first, Hannah takes a SELFIE :)

Go Bobby, Go!

 Steve gets easily distracted...!

 Richy, from some rider's Go-Pro footage:

The Race Truck!

What the racers looked like at the end....!!!

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