Steel City Showdown

Steel City Showdown - (The Quick and the Crashed)

- by Mark Briercheck

Photo Courtesy of Heather Ostrowski

I opted for the Cat 3/4 race in the 2016 Steel City Showdown on a BEAUTIFUL Spring day in Pittsburgh.

Despite the Call for a neutral start the Field of 60 racers were all chomping at the bit.

All Day Attacks in the short 45 minute race.

Unfortunately the field was hampered by a big crash early into the race that took out more than a few competitors. I was lucky enough to dodge the carnage by a few bike lengths as the sound of carbon on concrete filled the air. Ouch.

Regardless the race pushed on and I managed to hold towards the front to stay out of trouble but missed the breakaway group.

With a few pulls and a couple of attacks I put in some efforts but ended up caught in the swarm of the Steel City Showdown rolling across the line in 30th position.


Official Results:

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